Monday, January 2, 2017

New Ventures

Happy New Year to you friends!  It's hard to believe another year has passed us by and we're off on another adventure!  I hope you are all well and shining your light brightly!

How often do you have time for yourself?  In today's world, probably not very much.  My life has changed a bit from the last time I posted. Having completed my studies, I entered the teaching world only to find that my family responsibilities must take precedence over a full time teaching job. Teachers not only work at school, but they also devote countless hours at home preparing and searching for new ways to approach learning. My priorities are my child and my elderly parents whom we live with.  You see, there is not a Mr. Blunt who takes care of me. I take care of others. So, I have opted for a  part time teaching assistant position for much less pay, but with the ability to be a good mom, an active part of my child's life and his learning and the ability to be a good daughter and take care of more difficult tasks for my 90 year old parents. The parents who took my child and I in back in 2009. My selfless parents who are amazing role models and who are extremely supportive of their children and their goals. It is my turn to give back to them, to help them, that is what I have chosen.

In addition to working part-time, I have decided to open an online boutique specializing in women's clothing for ALL WOMEN from sizes XXS to 3XL. This venture came about after trying on the clothing and coming from a personal place of lacking confidence and not "feeling" beautiful. No matter who tells you are beautiful, it may not matter, you see because BEAUTY is a feeling that we possess or do not possess from the inside. May it be from our past circumstances or relationships we may lack THAT feeling. Having gone through this past cycle and not caring what I looked like to fast forward to when I tried on the particular clothing, I felt the self confidence kick in and the feeling of beauty ooze from within. Because of this experience, I've decided to help other women feel beautiful, confident, inspired and to help others experience personal and fashion freedom in gorgeous fabrics and stylish patterns. The clothing is comfortable, stylish and affordable.  I am scheduled to "onboard" with the company this week with inventory on its way!

If you love being fashionable, comfortable and stylish, I encourage you to join me on my fashion forward journey of LuLaRoe Toni Ruocco.

LuLaRoe Toni Ruocco
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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Long Over Due

                                                              Long Over Due

  It has been 7 months since my mentor and guide "dropped" his body, and I am now informing you after all this time.  He is Douglas Ray. The person whose poetry and stories I featured on my blog in the early days when I was more active on Google+.  Life is so very different without him, his guidance and his companionship. I met him January 13, 2011.  This was the day my life would change forever; for the better. He dropped his body in August 2015, one hour after I visited him for the last time to say "Ciao Ciao to my 'ultimate friend'. 'Ultimate Friend'.  Have you every had the magical experience of having an ultimate friend?  Someone who can and will listen to you, Someone who can look into your eyes and that person instantaneously knows you, SEES you, who you are, your pain, your hurt, your joy, your love and your light?

To be continued....



Sunday, January 3, 2016


The sky is blue
The heart is gray
It once was here
Now to fray
The pieces strewn
Across the path
Where to land
Never hath
To let it go here and fro
From where it loved to heal and grow
Within me it now lives
To visit when my spirit blends.
The stirring, whirling of it all
Longs to be a grounding hall
Living, walking being here
Complete the twirling living flesh
My heart is gray
The sky is blue
To live and thrive
To make it through
The sky is gray
The heart is true

Saturday, November 28, 2015

A story: Lesson

Life is filled with lessons. Isn't that why we are here? To learn our lesson until it goes away.  Ah, the joy of a lesson leaving us.  It only leaves us once we have learned it, not once, not twice, but over and over again.  Sometimes it takes us a few times to get it right.

There's the first time. Okay, I'll give us each a first time exception because after all we've never experienced it before or known what it was like. Now, the second time.  We should know better by now because we are more aware of red flags and the feeling.  What it feels like is key.  It is our intuition, our gut.  Always trust your gut.

Having experienced my second time intuition/gut feeling with a new person today has me thinking about what my lesson is that I need to learn.  Quite simple: I can only take care of me. Never ever should I look outside of myself for someone to take care of me; after all, that's how I got into the mess I am presently cleaning myself out of from over 5 years ago.  People clean up nicely after achieving a bachelors and masters degree; however, life's lessons are ongoing, extremely comprehensive and linger until we 150% definitively show LIFE we have LEARNED WHAT SHE HAS SET OUT TO PROVE TO US.  Right now, I see it, I recognize it and I slam on the breaks.  Life has reminded me of where I was, thankful to be where I am now and grateful to be aware of  and see the warning signs.  Lessons repeat until we learn from them.  I see my lesson before me a second time.  The question remains....Has it been learned???

Namaste Friends,


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Revelations of Gratitude

Good Evening Friends,
I hope you are all peaceful and well. I heard this song for the first time since before I started my journey and this time I listened and understood what it means for me. For all the pain and suffering we endure, it ultimately is a grateful gift of making it through to the abundant light of living. I am so inclined to share it with you.

Blaringly Blunt

Here is the video link:

How bout getting off these antibiotics 
How bout stopping eating when I’m full up 
How bout them transparent dangling carrots 
How bout that ever elusive kudo 

Thank you india 

Thank you terror 
Thank you disillusionment 
Thank you frailty 
Thank you consequence 
Thank you thank you silence 

How bout me not blaming you for everything 

How bout me enjoying the moment for once 
How bout how good it feels to finally forgive you 
How bout grieving it all one at a time 

Thank you india 

Thank you terror 
Thank you disillusionment 
Thank you frailty 
Thank you consequence 
Thank you thank you silence 

The moment I let go of it was the moment 

I got more than I could handle 
The moment I jumped off of it 
Was the moment I touched down 

How bout no longer being masochistic 

How bout remembering your divinity 
How bout unabashedly bawling your eyes out 
How bout not equating death with stopping 

Thank you india 

Thank you providence 
Thank you disillusionment 
Thank you nothingness 
Thank you clarity 
Thank you thank you silence 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Meditatioin for February 11

Good Afternoon!
It's odd that you can get so anesthetized by your own pain or your own problem that you don't quite fully share the hell of someone close to you.
--Lady Bird Johnson
Preoccupation with self can be the bane of our existence.  It prevents all but the narrowest perspective on any problem.  It cuts off any guidance from our higher power that may be offered through a friend.  It blocks whatever truths are trying to gain our attention.  The paradox is that whatever our pain, it is lessened by turning our attention elsewhere, to another's pain or joy.
when we open our minds to fresh input from others, insights emerge. We need the messages others are trying to give us.  Nothing that is said in a loving spirit is empty of meaning for our lives.
We might consider that every conversation we have is a conversation with our Creator.  What we need to know, for our own growth, is guaranteed to be revealed in our many conversations with others. But we can't hear another's thoughts until we let go of our own.
Full attention to the person sent to me will offer me exactly what I need, today.  My inner guide has beckoned them.  I can be alert, expect solutions, and celebrate the wonder of it all.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Meditation for February 10

Good Morning!
God knows no distance.
--Charleszetta Waddles
As close as our breath is the strength we need to carry us through any troubled time.  But our memory often fails us.  We try, alone, to solve our problems, to determine the proper course of action.  And we stumble.  In time we will turn, automatically, to that power available.  And whatever our need, it will be met.
Relying on God, however, we understand God's presence, is foreign to many of us.  We were encouraged from early childhood to be self-reliant.  Even when we desperately needed another's help, we feared asking for it.  When confidence wavered, as it so often did, we hid the fear--sometimes with alcohol, sometimes with pills.  Sometimes we sim0ply hid at home.  Our fears never fully abated.
Finding out, as we all have found, that we have never needed to fear anything, that God was never distant, takes time to sink in.  Slowly and with practice it will become natural to turn within, to be God-reliant rather than self-reliant.
Whatever our needs today, God is the answer.
There is nothing to fear.  At last, I have come to know God.  All roads will be made smooth.