Monday, February 10, 2014

Meditation for February 10

Good Morning!
God knows no distance.
--Charleszetta Waddles
As close as our breath is the strength we need to carry us through any troubled time.  But our memory often fails us.  We try, alone, to solve our problems, to determine the proper course of action.  And we stumble.  In time we will turn, automatically, to that power available.  And whatever our need, it will be met.
Relying on God, however, we understand God's presence, is foreign to many of us.  We were encouraged from early childhood to be self-reliant.  Even when we desperately needed another's help, we feared asking for it.  When confidence wavered, as it so often did, we hid the fear--sometimes with alcohol, sometimes with pills.  Sometimes we sim0ply hid at home.  Our fears never fully abated.
Finding out, as we all have found, that we have never needed to fear anything, that God was never distant, takes time to sink in.  Slowly and with practice it will become natural to turn within, to be God-reliant rather than self-reliant.
Whatever our needs today, God is the answer.
There is nothing to fear.  At last, I have come to know God.  All roads will be made smooth.