Saturday, November 28, 2015

A story: Lesson

Life is filled with lessons. Isn't that why we are here? To learn our lesson until it goes away.  Ah, the joy of a lesson leaving us.  It only leaves us once we have learned it, not once, not twice, but over and over again.  Sometimes it takes us a few times to get it right.

There's the first time. Okay, I'll give us each a first time exception because after all we've never experienced it before or known what it was like. Now, the second time.  We should know better by now because we are more aware of red flags and the feeling.  What it feels like is key.  It is our intuition, our gut.  Always trust your gut.

Having experienced my second time intuition/gut feeling with a new person today has me thinking about what my lesson is that I need to learn.  Quite simple: I can only take care of me. Never ever should I look outside of myself for someone to take care of me; after all, that's how I got into the mess I am presently cleaning myself out of from over 5 years ago.  People clean up nicely after achieving a bachelors and masters degree; however, life's lessons are ongoing, extremely comprehensive and linger until we 150% definitively show LIFE we have LEARNED WHAT SHE HAS SET OUT TO PROVE TO US.  Right now, I see it, I recognize it and I slam on the breaks.  Life has reminded me of where I was, thankful to be where I am now and grateful to be aware of  and see the warning signs.  Lessons repeat until we learn from them.  I see my lesson before me a second time.  The question remains....Has it been learned???

Namaste Friends,